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Horizon Mission Statement

Horizon School is committed to creating a learning environment where teachers are passionate about teaching and excited to come to work each and every day. We at Horizon School support the quest of each teacher to meet the needs of each student. We are committed to a learning environment where students can't wait to go to school each morning. Learning adventures are the key to our school and we are committed to providing a learning environment where minds are challenged and knowledge is celebrated. Students feel safe, important, respected and happy to be in school. We are committed to preparing students to be confident, caring leaders and world citizens.

Padma Prasad, Director & Preschool Teacher

Meet Our Teachers and Staff

Leah Jones

Business Director

Sauntina Engelhart

Office Coordinator

Meet Our Teachers

Veronica Davis


Brittany Helstad

Project Transition

Laura Greiner

Project Transition

Kaitlyn Runde


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